Setup for monitoring my BR700ELCD UPS in debian with auto-shutdown. This post shows the config for integrating it into the NUT software.

Mintoring software called nut, main Documentation on debian

apt install nut




Run lsusb
Look for => Cyber Power System, Inc. CP1500 AVR UPS

For this UPS it's very close to the CP1500AVRLCD

So the config is

maxretry = 3

  driver = usbhid-ups
  port = auto
  desc = "CyberPower BR700ELCD 420W"

Then run systemctl restart nut-server

Check if it can see the UPS: upscmd -l BR700ELCD upsc BR700ELCD


        password = <PASSWORD_HERE>
        actions = SET
        instcmds = ALL
        upsmon master

Then systemctl restart nut-server


MONITOR BR700ELCD@localhost 1 admin <PASSWORD_HERE> master

I'm not changing anything else of upsmon config here, as the defaults are fine for me.

Finally systemctl restart nut-server systemctl status nut-server

Netdata alerts

If you use netdata for alerts, you may have to change the NUT alerts to be less sensitive:

sudo -s
cd /etc/netdata/
./edit-config health.d/nut.conf

(You can find all available alert configs inside /usr/lib/netdata/conf.d/health.d)

And then change in template: nut_ups_charge the warn condition to something like 90:

warn: $this < 90